Carl Hamilton has spent 32 years in MLB working as a video hitting analyst for both the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. Carl wants to bring this professional level training to D-BAT Lewisville to improve the overall hitting ability of youth in the area. He worked with such players as Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro Suzuki, John Olerud, Raul Ibanez and Adrian Beltre. He has also worked with coaches such as Lou Piniella, Don Baylor and Paul Molitor.


Vision Training is for Baseball and Softball players

1/2 Hour Session - $40

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The most important aspect of hitting is the visual process, yet most players use their peripheral vision. They have what we call “target fixation”. When they see the ball and make the decision to hit, their eyes “fix” or freeze on that spot as the ball travels into the hitting zone. In our conditioning sessions, we work to ensure proper positioning of the body, head and eyes.

The player then tracks balls at speeds of 60 to 150 miles per hour using our patent pending machine. The player concentrates on recognizing and tracking through the hitting zone. After drills, we have a series of bunting and hitting drills at pitching speeds he or she usually faces in a game. By combining the high speed and tracking exercises, the physical and mental aspects of hitting is brought together in one exercise.

Once the eyes and the brain begin to connect and develop recognition at high speeds, the player’s visual processing speeds up. As the batter learns to trust what they see, they develop a flex reaction to commit to a pitch or not, rather than thinking at the plate. Again seeing the ball properly is critical. Once a player is successfully tracking a ball at over 100 miles per hour, a 60 to 95 mile per hour pitch is not as difficult to hit. This focus and concentration level changes the batter’s vision from defensive posture to offensive, creating a mental state of mind that produces more consistent and solid contact with the ball.